The Factoring Business Who Defeated The…

It’s obvious that factoring fees will be greater than loan interest required by a clicking here bank. Nevertheless remember that you cannot actually compare invoice discounting (a short-term debt instrument) with a bank loan (a long-term note) due to the fact that they are two totally different forms of financing.

The key to figuring out if you can afford to factor is not to look merely at the underlying cost, but to also consider how your company could boost its earnings through invoice discounting. Consider unearned income and forfeited business opportunities a result of your scarcity of cash flow. At the same time, consider the financial savings you could well experience with factoring. You can cut out late payment charges and make use of early payment or quantity purchasing reduced rates. And also, think of whether factoring will help you to scale down your accounting team by lowering the quantity of overtime used on collections and credit checks.

It is rare that companies make a decision not to factor because they could not afford to. In reality, in many cases, firms determine to factor because they simply cannot afford NOT to.


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